We build functional online stores matching your needs and requirements, going above & beyond.

About Binary Future

We are Shopify professionals with a solid background in the e-commerce and retail industries. Combining entrepreneurial spirit and diverse knowledge of technologies and design trends, we create robust, high-performance solutions on Shopify. We deliver tailor-made services to empower your store with custom features, functionality, and unique perks that will boost your conversion and ROI!

Technologies matter, but our team’s talent comes first.

Our services

Shopify setup
Shopify store design & UX

We create unique store designs with focus on UI/UX requirements and your target audience. Our design services include analyzing your business needs, competitors’ websites, and TA profile to find the best solution to skyrocket your conversion rate!

Shopify setup
Shopify store setup from scratch

We take care of setting up your Shopify stores from scratch while you focus on your business. We will build your Shopify store from the ground up, including project planning, web design, UI/UX, development, and launch. If you have any special requests or requirements, just let us know!

Shopify setup
Shopify plus solutions

We provide professional Shopify Plus development services to guarantee you a hassle-free experience and customization options. It doesn’t matter what project stage you’re on now; we support our clients with both back-end development and migration solutions.

Shopify setup
Ongoing support & optimization

If you are already using Shopify and want to optimize the loading speed, keep your applications up-to-date, or release new features, we are here to help you! Plus, if you’re not sure about the solution you already have on hand, we provide professional consulting and audit services to help you address existing gaps and achieve target results.

Our services

Shopify store setup from scratch

Focus on your business while we take care of everything else. We will build your Shopify store from the ground up, including project planning, design & development, UI/UX verification, and smooth launch.

Design and UX
Shopify store design & UX

We offer a basic package of services to deliver creative store designs perfectly matched with the target audience profile and thoroughly thought-out UI/UX, all essential pillars of making an e-commerce project successful.

Shopify Plus
Shopify plus solutions

If you require hassle-free customization and want to have 100% control over your store, we will support you with Shopify Plus integration and extensive Shopify development services from scratch, including back-end management and migration.

Shopify migration services

We provide expert re-platforming services of any scale and complexity. During the Shopify migration, we perform code review & optimization, data transfer, quality assurance, and rigorous testing before the relaunch.

Shopify consulting services

We help our clients squeeze the most out of their potential and help them future-proof their ideas, elaborate sophisticated solutions, or plan the launch of their business from the ground up.

Shopify development services

Our team consists of accredited Shopify developers delivering 1000+ hours of services yearly. We support our customers with Shopify app development & configuration, custom app development, theme creation & customization, all kinds of troubleshooting, and setups.

Ongoing support & optimization

If you are already using Shopify and want to optimize the loading speed, keep your applications up-to-date, or release new killer features, we are all set to support you to enhance your solution and make it more robust and reliable.

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Why choose us?

Shopify Partners
Shopify partners

We are official shopify partners which gives us an ability to help you with your eCommerce business 24/7 no restrictions applied.

Shopify Partners
Certified experts

Our developers are either already certified by Shopify or actively working on their certification to be the best service providers and implement platform best practices into every project we are working on.

5+ years of total experience working with e-commerce projects

It’s an average amount of years of our team members and whenever you hire us you also hire all our experience with us which is in total is about 100 years. Impressive isn't it?

Unlock your full potential

Our goal is to help our clients surpass the competition and bring their business to the next level, using technologies and the unique talents of our team

Why? Every client’s success is one more step in our own success journey. We are all passionate about delivering great projects that are both technically excellent and visually awesome.

Shopify interface on cellphone

Our techstack for Shopify

Polaris Polaris
Node Node (express)
Laravel Laravel
Liquid Liquid
JavaScript EcmaScript 6+

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start a new project with you?

We start with a welcome call with you where we discuss the project, your expectations, KPIs, budget, and what solutions would serve you best. After the welcome call, we create a detailed plan with budget and time estimates.

How long does it take from project planning to the launch of the product?

It depends on the project scope and your requirements. Usually, we provide accurate time estimates after the welcome call, where we reveal all the details and discuss your business needs.

How do you calculate the cost of the project?

We pride ourselves on being fully transparent during cooperation with our clients. Our budget estimates are calculated and agreed with you before we start the project and we guarantee no hidden fees or extra payments. We calculate the cost of the project based on the rate of the team members involved in the project.

What are the project stages?

We define 7 basic project stages:

Discovery - Revealing the scope of the project in all its details.
Wireframing - Creating a draft of the solution to visualize the idea.
Document - Creating technical specifications.
Estimation and planning - Creating milestones and agreeing on deadlines.
Design - Crafting a visual concept of the store with elaborated UX/UI.
Development - Development according to SLA.
Delivery - Setting up the project with ongoing support.

Do you support after launch?

After the launch of your e-store, we guarantee 24/7 support in case of emergency.

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